Victims Pension Scheme Update Letter from Justice Minister Mrs Naomi Long MLA

The Ely Centre welcome this recent correspondance issued today from Justice Minister Mrs Naomi Long MLA providing an update in relation to the Victims and Survivors Permanent Disablement Scheme ( Victims Pension).

Whilst it is clear many obstacles still remain to the introduction of this scheme scheduled for March 2021 including the long term funding of this scheme we appreciate  the renewed impetus and focus in recent months surrounding the scheme , which we hope will deliver on time and in a sensitive and victim focused approach this most basic entitlement which victims and survivors deserve and are long overdue.

Speaking on this recent update from Minister Long. Mr Jim Dixon Ely Chairperson stated

" Like many victims, for many years,  i have learnt to live with many disappointments when it came to efforts and schemes recognising and acknowledging the suffering and pain which I and many like me endure on a daily basis.

 ... However I am cautiously optimistic and hope and pray that this scheme,  with the dedicated efforts of many well intentioned individuals will deliver for victims and survivors. I urge all to redouble their efforts to ensure this scheme commences on time and ensure that victims receive this most basic entitlement owed them" ....

I commend Minister Long and the staff of the Ely Centre for their dedication and commitment to the Pension Scheme implementation Working Group and encourage all involved to continue these efforts to deliver for victims and survivors.

A copy of Minister Longs Letter can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

 Victims Payment Scheme Update Letter Mrs Naomi Long MLA 26th October 2020