Veterans Commissioner Visits Ely Centre

Veterans Commissioner Mr Danny Kinahan visits Ely Centre

On Friday 18th September, The Ely Centre were delighted to welcome Northern Irelands first Veterans Commissioner Mr Danny Kinahan to our offices.

This visit provided members of the team of the Ely Centre to share with Mr Kinahan an overview of the current needs faced by many of our veterans and how these issues including ...
Increasing Mental Health needs
Ongoing and increasing demand for Welfare support
Social isolation and
Food /heating support) are being exacerbated by the ongoing Health Pandemic

The visit also provided an opportunity to outline the innovative projects that the Ely Centre is implementing at present to help address and support Veterans and their families in the community and are plans for the months ahead.

The Ely Centre outlined the necessity for the creation of a Veterans Commissioner in our Consultation Response addressing Veterans Needs. And 2 years on we are delighted that this post has now been created and such a dedicated and capable candidate has been appointed to this role.

We thank Mr Kinahan for the opportunity to share our perspectives and experiences with him and wish him every blessing as he commences his necessary but challenging role supporting our Veterans Community.