Troubles Permanent Disablement Scheme Update from Minister of Justice Mrs NaomI Long MLA

The Ely Centre welcome this recent letter from Justice Minister Mrs Naomi Long providing an update on the TPDPS and anticipated next steps and completed work to date.

We encourage all those interested in applying to this scheme to peruse this letter which provides an overview of what processes have taken place over the last no of months to ensure the scheme is ready and fit for purpose when applications are ready to be submitted.  

TDPDS Update Letter from Minster for Justice Mrs Naomi Long MLA  

From our perspective The Ely Centre continues to engage with the pension implementation group and DOJ and has recently received funding to appoint two part time adminstrators to the scheme, the recruitment for this is currently ongoing with a closing date of 9th July 2021

Over the summer months our current welfare staff will be engaging in Scheme specific training to ensure that our clients are provided with the correct and informed support throughout this process.  

Furthermore over the past no of months the Ely Centre have identified the need for additional resources to support victims and survivors throughout this process.

When funding opportunities arise we aim to request additional funding to ensure that the wrap around support in form of Health and Well Being services to address increasing demand arising from the Scheme will be available and in place for when applications can be submitted.

Please keep updated with our website for further details.