Ely Centre submits evidence to Northern Ireland Affairs Committee Inquiry addressing the Governments new proposals on addressing the legacy of the Troubles

The Ely Centre, today submitted evidence to the Northern Ireland Select Affairs Committee Inquiry on Addressing the Legacy of Northern Ireland’s past: The UK Government's New Proposals

The Committee has launched an inquiry to examine the UK Government’s proposals to address the legacy of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. On 18 March, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Rt Hon Brandon Lewis MP, outlined the Government’s new approach to addressing the legacy of the past in a written statement to the House of Commons. The statement also set out that these would include some “significant” changes from the Stormont House Agreement. The inquiry will examine whether the Government’s proposals deliver for victims, survivors and their families.

Commenting in response to this recent submission Mr Dixon Ely Centre Chairperson stated on behalf of the Organisation

“To the world outside of Northern Ireland it is legacy, it is the past or a footnote of historical events. To the many innocent victims of the troubles, the retired Police Officers from the Royal Ulster Constabulary and Veterans from all of the armed forces who have served in NI, it is not legacy it is part of their daily living, dealing with the horrors witnessed during their service and coping with a combination of life changing injures or mental health conditions which impacts on them and their families on a daily basis. To them legacy is in the here and now”

To view a copy of our recent submission to the NISAC outlining our concerns with the new proposals by HM Government, please download a copy of this submission below. We have attached to this recent submission, The Ely Centre Autumn 2018 Consultation Submission on Addressing the Legacy of Northern Irelands Past.

 Ely Centre Submission to Northern Ireland Affairs Committee - Addressing the Legacy of the Northern Irelands Past