Ely Centre presents at National UK Forum on Veterans Mental Health

Ely Centre presents at National UK Forum on Veterans Mental Health.

On Thursday 8th July 2021, the Ely Centre were privileged to be invited to present an overview of our Health and Well Being Service at the Quality Network for Veterans Mental Health Services the 2021 Annual Forum.

This Annual Forum organized by the Royal College of Psychiatrists and Contact ( Collaborating for Military Mental Health) provides a wonderful opportunity for organisations supporting Veterans within the Contact Group to share learning experiences/ models of best practice to help improve the quality , level and type of mental health support for Veterans.

The Ely Centre were invited as the sole NI Charity to join the Contact Group in 2020 and have found this engagement with partner organisations across the UK most beneficial in the development and management of our Veterans Mental Health Services. Furthermore in the last months we have just completed our peer review process with colleagues from across the UK. This process of peer review will ensure that Veterans accessing services will avail of the highest quality of mental health support, leading to accreditation from the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Forum Contributors at this event included

  • Neil Greenberg, Professor of Defence Mental Health, King’s College London,
  • Dr Neil Kitchiner, Director and Consultant Clinical Lead, Veteran’s NHS Wales, Cardiff & Vale University Health Board
  • Rachel Seddon, Head of Policy, Strategy and Research, Cabinet Office, Office for Veterans’ Affairs
  • Dr Naomi Wilson, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Head of Psychological Therapies, Combat Stress

Dr Art O’Malley Ely Centre Head of Clinical Services was honored to be invited to present on our recent innovative Eco Therapy Project and the benefits of delivering treatment in non-clinical settings. Dr O’Malley will also present on our recent AFCT projects and their impact upon Veterans Mental Health including our Social Isolation Grant and our forthcoming ONSIDE project.

Speaking after the Event Dr O’Malley stated “ this forum provided a wonderful opportunity to showcase the work of the Ely Centre on a national platform. We were encouraged to receive such positive feedback from the contact group members on the innovative programmes which the centre developed and delivered during the last year. The members were delighted to hear of our eco therapy trial, and our forthcoming ONSIDE project and how the added value of a natural setting and physical exercise can be conducive to a multitude of positive therapy outcomes in comparsion to a more traditional clinical approach. I would like to commend our eco therapist Mrs Anja Rosler for her participation and expertise in facilitating this group and we look forward to following up this trial with further courses in the future.