Ely Centre obtains the First Northern Ireland ADSIC membership to enhance and develop Armed Forces Support.

The Ely Centre obtains the First Northern Ireland ADSICS membership

To enhance Armed Forces Support.


The Ely Centre were recently privileged to have our membership to ADSIC the Association of ex-Service Drop-In Centres approved. When normal working resumes, membership of ADSIC will enable the Ely Centre to further develop and expand support to members of our Armed Forces Community.

This is the first time that a Northern Ireland Charity has been an ADSCIS member and we are honoured that this membership has been approved, an outcome which evidences the sterling support that the centre has been providing to the Armed Forces Community for many years.

Throughout United Kingdom there is a steadily increasing number of Drop-In centres where any member of the Armed Forces community, may go for help and advice, or simply to relax over a cuppa with likeminded comrades. All Drop-Ins extend a warm welcome with refreshments, some offer general welfare support such as financial and employment advice, some have activities to promote wellbeing and some provide access to mental health support. This takes place routinely under one roof, at the same time and in an informal environment.

Mr Jim Dixon Ely Chairperson stated “As a member of The Association of ex-Service Drop-In Centres (ASDIC) the Ely Centre will work collaboratively with other ADSICS members with the aim of linking with other Drop-Ins together and expanding this network in Northern Ireland so that we can offer each other mutual support and make us more accessible to those seeking help in our communities”

The Ely Centre as an ASDIC Drop-Ins aim to complement hubs like the Royal British Legion Pop-Ins and Help for Heroes Recovery Centres, extending their reach and making their services more available, especially to those with restricted ability to travel. While each Drop-In can retain its individual identity as it was set up in originally, ASDIC gives them benefit of other people’s experience across a wide network of support and when necessary enables them to refer Service Users to more convenient or appropriate alternatives.

(ASDIC) links veterans’ Drop-Ins together from across the country. Sometimes called Hubs or Centres, Drop-Ins offer a variety of welfare and mental health support to the ex-military community and their families, and ASDIC helps them to enhance the service they can provide and make them more accessible. It also helps organisations supporting the Drop-Ins, also referred to as Delivery Partners, to deliver their services more effectively and make the most of their resources.

Further information on ASDIC can be found at www.asdic.org.uk and Ely Centre membership can be found at www.asdic.org.uk/member-directory/#member-915