Ely Centre host International Students at Narrow Water

The Ely Centre host Copenhagen Student at Site of Narrow Water Atrocity.

On Tuesday 29th October, the Ely Centre were honoured to have been invited to host Course Director Martin Rasmussen of DIS Copenhagen along with 20 international Students from across the globe at the site of the Narrow Water Atrocity.

This educational visit had the primary aim of informing international students of the impact of terrorism and how this event altered military strategy and doctrine in the fight against PIRA.

This informative event provided the students the opportunity to hear from survivors of this atrocity which included personal testimony from a serving RUC Chief Inspector and a serving Soldier on the day.

The Ely Centre would like to thank both our facilitators for agreeing to host this event and being so forthright and honest in sharing their difficult and traumatic stories of that harrowing day.

A spring date has been agreed with DIS Copenhagen for a return visit to Northern Ireland,

This will provide us with a further opportunity to provide another group of international students further perspective on the impact and the strategies employed in the fight against terrorism.