Ely Centre Clinical Lead Dr Art OMalley research on SF EMDR published within distinguised Psychotherapy Journal

Dr Art OMalley, Clinical Lead at the Ely Centre publishes SF-EMDR treatment benefits  in distinguished Journal The Science of Psyhotherapy.

Speaking on his recent Publication in the August 2021 Edition Dr OMalley stated

"In this paper I have suggested an approach that assesses the different levels of needs for our patients and clients based on Maslow’s Hi- erarchy of Needs. I have transposed an inte- grated therapeutic approach from a top-down and   bottom-up   reprocessing perspective.   I would suggest that this is relevant for inclusion within an updated version of the World Health Organisation’s definition of health. 

In this review of therapeutic approaches to psychotherapy, I argue   that   SF-EMDR, when combined with DBR, is effective as a form of reprocessing psychotherapy. This therapeutic approach also includes theory and practice from the Quantum field of Psychotherapy, pioneered by Professor Ernest and Kathryn Rossi, among others. Thus, the information available at a uni- versal field level is reprocessed from the cortex to the midbrain and from the periphery to the midbrain. Over the last eighteen months there has been an increase in depression and anxiety, associated with prolonged social isolation and lockdown measures among the general popula- tion. Tackling this heightened demand for psy- chotherapeutic services will require new and progressive thinking. The patient’s most basic needs must first be addressed before moving up the pyramid. In the words of Professor Ernest Rossi this demonstrates how therapists around the world ‘can join together…in creating… a better world’.

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