2021 Another busy year for Ely Services

2021 has proven to be another extremely busy year here at the Ely Centre.

Whilst we continue to deliver our essential services and programmes to our clients we have been very encouraged by the increasing number of new referrals accessing our services from across Northern Ireland and beyond. 

The graphic below illustrates the outputs obtained during Q1/2/3/ of this financial year which has been achieved by the dedicated staffing teams. From this you can see that our mental health and welfare advice programmes remain to operate at a very high capacity this is reflective of recent introduction of the TPDPS and illustrates the commitment and enthusiasm of the staff within these teams and their growing reputation for effective client focused service delivery.

Whilst Output is crucially important, the help and the change in the many individuals lives which the Ely Centre support is of more value to us as an organisation. As a charity we are here to support and where possible improve the lives and address the needs of Victims and Survivors and the many veterans and ex security force members we support. On reviewing the many cards, letters, messages, conversations we have had with you we know that they services are valued by you and therefore we must continue to improve these services and reach more people who like us all need support at various times throughout the year.  

During this year which has been laden with many obstacles we have continued to provide essential social support programmes to our clients. Although different in location/venues to previous years, the attendance and feedback received from participants has been extremely positive and welcomed.

As we move into a New year we look forward to delivering more of our services and the delivery of new and innovative programmes to improve the Health and well being of both our individual clients and the families and communities from which they come.

Thank you all for your continued support.