Complementary Therapies

Like many people, you may be unsure what to expect from Complementary Therapy. The information below answers the most frequently asked questions. We recommend that you read it all before you refer to the service.

Complementary Therapies are provided for purposes including:

  • Pain Management and Relief
  • Addressing symptoms associated with Trauma/Stress and Anxiety
  • Promotion of relaxation and effective coping mechanisms.
  • Complementary, Counselling and Psychological Therapies link effectively to allow you the benefit of dual participation, whilst facilitating relief from distress and overall recovery.

About the Service

Complementary Therapies are delivered by a team of sessional therapists who have been recruited to provide therapies throughout our service areas.  All clients seeking a referral to the Complementary Therapy Service must complete a Health and Well Being Assessment with one of our Health and Well Being Case Officers. This ensures that the most effective treatment is identified and throught this process, support for additional needs identified and onward referral commenced.

The Ely Centre offer a range of evidence-based therapies including various types of Massage (including Back, Full Body, Indian Head, and Hot Stone) Acupuncture and Reflexology.

The Process.

Following your referral the therapist will conduct a short assessment at the beginning of your frst session, which is used to establish your areas of concern, pain and stress in the body, your current physical health and the most effective therapy for you.

Your therapist is qualified and experienced FHT or GRCCT practitioner; together you will address health problems, promote relaxation and promote a healthy physical lifestyle.

Sessions last up to 60 minutes. 4 sessions of therapy are available per person, with the delivery of additional sessions in some cases were necessary.

Annually we support between 100-150 individuals across our service areas 

In a 2019 survey of clients, over 88% of survey respondents reported feeling more uplifted, relaxed and able to cope better with life.

To assess the impact of Complementary Therapies on our clients we request that all clients complete a pre and post therapy form below.

Pre Therapy Form

Post Therapy Form 

Holistic Approach

Complementary/Counselling & Psychological services link effectively to allow people the benefit of dual participation, whilst facilitating relief from distress and recovery.

Our holistic approach also allows you to benefit from other Ely Centre services including Welfare and Benefits Advice, Befriending Outreach, Carers Support, Peer Group Support, Personal Development Courses, Respite Opportunities and Legacy Programmes.


Strict confidentiality is always maintained. No personal information either verbal or written will be disclosed to anyone without your consent, unless you or someone else is in danger. Some non-personal information will be shared within the centre for administration purposes.

Therapists are required to have a supervisor who monitors the quality of their work. The process of supervision is conducted in a way that ensures your confidentiality.

Refer To Our Service

If you would like to refer to this service please contact the office and request an appointment with one of our Health and Well Being Case Officers.