Advocacy & Legacy Services

Being victimized as a result of terrorism , and engaging  in  the pursuit of justice or truth recovery systems for many victims and their families can be a difficult  and daunting experience.

To make sure you and your family  are getting the right support, it is important that you are aware of the rights or entitlements as a victim /survivor of terrorism.

Mechanisms for pursuing Truth & Justice include:

  • Public Inquiries
  • Historical Investigation Unit (to be implemented)
  • The Office of the Police Ombudsman of Northern Ireland, and
  • Inquests through the  Coroner’s Court
  • Individual or Group Legal Cases

The Ely Centre is here to assist you in this process of truth recovery and the pursuit of Justice and Remembrance for your loved one through any or all of the above mechanisms.

The Ely Centre can support you through a referral process available for any persons seeking advocacy and legal support with a number of expert Victims Advocacy Organisations with whom we have established partnerships with and who have many years’ experience and success in providing advocacy support to victims of terrorism.

Record your Experience and Digitally Archive the impact of terrorism on your life at one of our Storytelling sessions.

The Storytelling Forum creates the opportunity for you to speak about your experience as a victim of terrorism. Victims choose to tell their story for several different reasons.  Some may want others to know what happened to them in an effort to prevent it from happening to someone else. For others, telling and re-telling their story may help them to make sense of  what happened Family members of victims often share their story to memorialize a loved one.

Storytelling may have for some as a therapeutic effect for those telling their stories and (it is a very useful process for ensuring the full human impact of the Troubles is recorded and victims respected.

The Ely Centre believes that recording the impact of terrorism on victims is vital and we provide that opportunity for victims to express their story and encourage you to do so.

Storytelling is a fitting Legacy activity; it is also a powerful learning tool for future generations, who must be made fully aware of the horror and the devastating  impact  terrorism has left on the Fermanagh and South Tyrone community.

Due to logistical and recording costs incurred in the Legacy and Storytelling Service. Members are requested to inform the office and arrange a time. Storytelling Sessions can be arranged to occur in the Ely Centre, Your Home or another suitable venue.

The Ely Centre has an Archive Centre were victims and their families can view our catalogue of recorded testimonies of victims who have suffered at the hands of terrorism in Northern Ireland. Due to the sensitive nature of the information, persons seeking to view the archive must contact the office and obtain prior permission from the Management.

The Archive Centre is a Living Legacy to the “Troubles”. This essential aspect of recorded history documents the physical, emotional, social, financial, spiritual and familial impact of terrorism and is a constant reminder of why victims need are support.

If you would like to archive your story please contact the office.

If you would like to refer to this service please drop into the centre, give us a call, or fill in the service referral form which should only take a few minutes.