About the Ely Centre

The Ely Centre is a Registered Charity specialising in the provision of multi-disciplinary support services for civilians, security force personnel and their families, who have experienced bereavement and injury as a result of the “Troubles.

The Ely Centre is committed to serving innocent victims and survivors, ex service personnel, their families and carers by providing evidenced based outcome focused treatments, prevention and support services that address issues of declining psychological, physical health, social and financial difficulties arising as a result of terrorism.

Ely Centre Mission Statement

To provide multi-disciplinary support services for civilians, security force personnel and their families, who have experienced bereavement and injury as a result of the “Troubles” through evidenced based treatment, prevention and support services that address issues of declining physical and psychological health, social and financial difficulties which have arisen as a result of the “Troubles”.

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Our Aims

To support our members, through the provision of evidenced based, outcome focused therapeutic and psychological support services and programmes.

To raise awareness, locally and nationally on the overall effects of terrorism on victims and their families.

To raise awareness on the negative impact of the troubles on individuals mental health.

To help injured service members and civilians aid and assist each other.

To provide social, educational and welfare services to meet the needs of injured service members and civilians and their families.

To support the Enniskillen Families in the creation of a Memorial to the Victims of the 1987 Enniskillen Poppy Day Bomb.

To provide Individuals with tailored approaches to treatment by considering each person’s needs and goals.

To provide Individuals with information relating to services, processes and practitioners to ensure they feel informed, confident and comfortable with utilising our services.

To develop strategic partnerships with community/voluntary/statutory sector based organisations for the purpose of ensuring quality and sustainable services are provided for our member.

To develop and delivery community volunteering initiatives , thus empowering our local community and recognising its integral role in our service delivery model.

Our Values


Promoting the physical and emotional well-being of bereaved and injured civilians and security force personnel; providing an open and accepting environment in which clients can explore their concerns in a professional, ethical & confidential environment

Respect: Fostering a culture of inclusiveness that honours diversity amongst individuals.

Compassion: Experiencing genuine care and concern for the unique struggles faced by individuals.

Learning: Encouraging the development of awareness, knowledge, and skills as a lifelong process.

Empowerment: Offering individuals information, context, and support to enable them to optimally navigate their life circumstances.

Excellence: Upholding the highest professional and ethical standards and providing leadership in the field of victim support in the community.

Community: Promoting meaningful connection and collaboration, and continually striving to engage honestly and authentically in beneficial relationships

Our History

The Ely Centre was formed by individuals and family members of the bereaved and injured of the 1987 Enniskillen Remembrance Day Bomb which claimed the lives of 12 innocent people and injured over 70 men, women and children.

The Poppy Day Massacre took place on 8 November 1987. An (IRA) bomb exploded near the town's war memorial (cenotaph) during the annual Remembrance Sunday ceremony, which was being held to commemorate the dead of both World Wars, all killed were civilians.

In trying to make sense of such a senseless and horrific act of terrorism and deal with the enormous grief and reality of our loss, we felt the need to reach out to other victims who were experiencing the same agony and trauma we felt.

Under the Chairmanship of Mr Jim Dixon one of the most seriously injured civilians The Ely Centre has offered support to over 5,000 individuals; a cross-section of adults, young people and children with over 2400 people currently engaged in support provision. Typically, over 200 new referrals are received each year from across Northern Ireland.

The Ely Centre is a proven Centre of Excellence in the community in bridge building. Its aim is to build upon its past experiences of engaging minds, experiences and aspirations for a peaceful community. (SEUPB)

  • The History of Troubles in Co. Fermanagh
  • Approximately 125 persons lost their lives as a result of the troubles throughout Fermanagh.
  • Republican Paramilitaries were responsible for the murder of over 115 persons including
  • 33 innocent civilians
  • 38 officers of the Royal Ulster Constabulary 
  • 25 Ulster Defence Regiment personnel
  • 21 British Army Service personnel
  • 8 members of the IRA were killed by Security Force personnel.
  • Loyalist Paramilitaries murdered 5 persons.
  • 1000’s more suffered & continue to suffer from the physical and psychologically injuries resulting from the troubles.
  • The largest number of fatalities occurred at the Remembrance “Poppy Day” Massacre in 1987 in Enniskillen

In Remembrance of the 12 Civilians murdered in Enniskillen on Remembrance Sunday 1987

  • Mrs Bertha Armstrong
  • Mr Wesley Armstrong
  • Mr Samuel Gault
  • Mrs Jessie Johnston
  • Mr Kit Johnston
  • Mr John Megaw
  • Mrs Agnes Mullan
  • Mr William Mullan
  • Mrs Albert Quinton
  • Miss Marie Wilson
  • Mr Edward Armstrong
  • Mr Ronnie Hill

In Recognition to the scores of Men, Women and Children Injured on Remembrance Sunday 1987

Our Achievements

In September 2014, the Ely Centre received the honour of being the 1st Victims Support organisation from Northern Ireland invited to present on the needs of bereaved and injured of the troubles and legacy issues surrounding young people in Northern Ireland to the European Parliament and European Commission in Brussels.

In 2014 Fermanagh District Council awarded the Ely Centre for our role in promoting and providing volunteer youth and adult befriending services to those isolated throughout the community of Fermanagh

In 2012 The Ely Centre received the award for the Best Innovative Project from the Community Relations Council for Northern Ireland for our Peace 3 Project aimed at improving the Social and emotional well-being for carers of victims and survivors

In 2012 The Ely Centre was awarded Second place  in the nationwide Best Youth Project in Northern Ireland for our Peace 3 funded ELOHIM project providing peace and reconciliation training, citizenship courses and personal development programmes to over 800 young persons throughout Fermanagh and South Tyrone

2011 The Role of Faith in Levels of Trauma amongst Victims and Survivors A Research study assessing The Role of Faith and its impact on Levels of Trauma in 75 victims and survivors

2011 - Co. Fermanagh Roll of Honour 4th UDR Battalion

2011 - The Flame Still Burns – Research study assessing levels of sectarianism in 150 young persons aged 11-16 in Co Fermanagh

2012 - Needs Analysis of 250 Victims and Survivors from Co Fermanagh

2013 - Coping with Terrorism Excerpts from testimonies of 100 victims/survivors and security force personnel

2013 - Needs Analysis of 150 Victims and Survivors from South Tyrone & Upper Bann

2014 - Feasibility Study into the Creation of a Permanent Memorial for the Victims of the Enniskillen Bomb

2014 - Co Fermanagh Roll of Honour (Civilians and Military lost lives)

2015 - Co Tyrone Roll of Honour (Civilians and Military Lost Lives)

2015 - Co Armagh Roll Of Honour (Civilians and Military Lost Lives)

2017 - 30th Anniversary Fundraising Campaign for a Permanent Memorial to the Victims and Survivors of the Enniskillen Remembrance Day Bomb

2018 - Creation of Brooke House Project, a visionary new rehabilitation project for Injured Police Officers and Military Veterans and Their Families, based on the Colebrooke Estate the Home of Viscount Brookeborough KG

2019 - Creation of Co Armagh Office offering Health and Well Being Support and Welfare Advice service to this underrepresented area which has been highly impacted as a result of the NI Troubles.

2020 - Commencement of New Memorial Project in honour of the Lost Police and Military Lives in Co Armagh.

Media Productions

2013 - The 25th Anniversary Service of the Enniskillen Remembrance Day Bomb Service

2013 - The Impact of Terrorism

Exploring the impact and difficulty of dealing with terrorist atrocities told through the lives of victims and survivors of the Enniskillen Poppy Day Atrocity, Kingsmills Massacre, Darkley Massacre, Narrowwater Massacre and  Lord Mountbatton.

2014 - Our Tribute

A Remembrance CD developed by 60 young people across Fermanagh to reflect and remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice during the Troubles.

2015 - The Trouble with the Troubles

Youth Video project documenting the impact of the troubles on Family and Northern Irish life told through the stories of 50 young people aged between 11-25 years old.

2018 - The 30th Anniversary Service of the Enniskillen Remembrance Day Bomb

2019- Brooke House Promotional Video