‘Let each of us look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others’

Welcome to the Ely Centre!

The Ely Centre is a Registered Charity specialising in the provision of multi-disciplinary support services for civilians, security force personnel and their families, who have experienced bereavement and injury as a result of the “Troubles".

The Ely Centre is committed to serving innocent victims and survivors, ex service personnel, their families and carers by providing evidenced based outcome focused treatments, prevention and support services that address issues of declining psychological, physical health, social and financial difficulties arising as a result of terrorism.

The Organisation formed by relatives of the bereaved and injured of 1987 Enniskillen Poppy Day Bomb  which claimed the lives of 12 innocent civilians and injured scores more, has over the last three decades developed into a proven centre of excellence in providing care and support for victims of terrorism and their families.

For a comprehensive overview of the broad range of services which The Ely Centre provides,  please download a copy of our 2019 2020 Annual Review

Ely Centre 2019 -2020 Annual Review 


In light of the evolving COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation, the team here at The Ely Centre want to assure all of our clients that we have contingency plans in place that will allow us to continue to support our clients as best we can. At present  all staff have been equipped to work remotely.

Ar Present all visits to the Ely Centre are by pre-arranged appointment only.

To faciliate your visit/ appointment to the Ely Centre the following guidelines apply

 Covid 19 Visitor Guidelines 

If you require an in person appointment with one of the team, we request that you complete the Visitor Health Questionnaire attached and return in advance of your proposed appointment.  

 Visitor Health Questionnaire 

The Ely Centre Offices are open for essential pre arranged appointments only. Members are able to contact any member of our team on the numbers below.We are taking all precautions available to us and want to minimise the disruption to our clients. We assure you that we will do whatever is possible to continue to support you in these uncertain times.

Please feel free to contact us directly on normal working hours 9:30 - 17:00 on either

Enniskillen: 07892711215

Markethill: 07733913021

or via email to  

Lee McDowell            Email: Lee@elycentre.co.uk     

Art OMalley               Email : art@elycentre.co.uk / counselling@elycentre.co.uk     

Anne Moore              Emai: Anne@elycentre.co.uk / counselling@elycentre.co.uk

Sharon Breen            Email: Sharon@elycentre.co.uk                    

Ben Higgins              Email: Ben@elycentre.co.uk;                         

Ivan Bingham           Email: Ivan@elycentre.co.uk                                   

Danny Kennedy        Email Danny@elycentre.co.uk:                    

David Taylor             Email Davidtaylor@elycentre.co.uk;                     

Yvonne Breen           Email Yvonne@elycentre.co.uk                    

Shirley Ann Thomson Email: Shirely@elycentre.co.uk                   

Wendy Patton            Email:  Wendy@elycentre.co.uk

Glenda Milligan          Email : Glenda@elycentre.co.uk

Gladys O'Callagahan  Email: Gladys@elycentre.co.uk


In the meantime, we will continue to keep up-to-date with the current situation and will be following the latest advice to continue to support our clients, keep ourselves and our families safe.

Your support, as always is truly valued.


Become a Member of The Ely Centre

Registration is Free and Easy

Click on the following links, Print off and Complete the Registration form and Data Protection Form, leave it into our offices, email it for covenience  or post it back to us,

Ely Centre Client Registration Form 


Would you like to join our team. The Ely Centre seeking are always seeking suitably qualified and experienced Individuals to support us in the delivery of our  services.

Please complete the relevant application form and accompanying documents below and return to us if you satify the criteria.

Nature Based Therapist Role Description and Application Form Closing date 29/01/2021 

Social Isolation Support Officer Role Desciption and Application form   closing date 29/01/2021 

Sessional Talking Therapy Application Form (open for applications)

Sessional Complementary Therapist Application Form (open for applications)

Self Declaration Form  


The Ely Centre takes the privacy of its beneficiaries and supporters very seriously and adheres to all aspects of General Data Protection Regulation. Please familiarise yourself with our Privacy Policy below before submitting your details.

Data Protection and Privacy Policy 

Data Protection and Privacy Policy Form    

Contact Details :

Head office, Enniskillen    T: 02866320977, 52 & 60 Forthill Street, Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh, BT74 6AJ: E: Info@elycentre.co.uk     (For individual staffing enquiries please refer to governance)

South Armagh and Monaghan Office : T : 02837552447 , 7 Fairgreen Road, Markethill, Co Armagh E: info@elycentre.co.uk ( For individual staffing enquires please refer to governance )


As an injured RUC officer, I was suspicious, even reluctant to undergo counselling. I knew that I needed it but knew nothing about what to expect. I’m glad I made the decision to go; I know its really helping me, it’s a long road but I am coping so much better now. .

I recommend counselling to anyone feeling down or depressed particularly around the anniversary of loved ones. For me it really provides me with extra strength and support when I really need it most .

I was seriously injured in an IRA bomb and I find that the physical therapies really ease the pain and help me relax more. They are becoming more and more of a lifeline for me as I get older.

Having experienced and caring people managing my welfare and benefit concerns I know that I don’t have to worry.

I can unwind and be myself, the team have all been affected one way or another by the troubles and these experiences help them to provide the help for others who have been affected.

Superb counselling for PTSD.

review by Army Veteran

They have helped me in so many ways, from being there for me when I need someone to listen to helping me get the financial support which I need.

I love the social activities, and the days away together as these are a chance for me to meet with old friends and colleagues with whom we experienced so much together”.